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Camarro Capital is the financial resource arm of The Camarro Group.

Camarro Capital selectively funds and manages an emerging portfolio of buy, develop & hold mixed-use income projects that anticipate infrastructure and sprawl-based demographic shifts and ‘neighbourhood’ evolutions.

This informed, analysis-based approach is aligned to the objective of assembling and managing a bespoke, balanced-risk real estate portfolio whose mid and long-term price per square foot income returns significantly outpace market average increases within comparable investment horizons.

We are currently geographically focused (but not limited to) on the western portion of the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA) with a strong preference to build near Major Transit Station Areas (MTSA’s). Transit infrastructure development, combined with meaningful service level improvements like trip frequency and express options, are making new (distant) geographies viable as places to live and work and providing the increasingly popular option of car-free living.


The Camarro Group is poised to be a significant strategic real estate company that will build and grow over the next 20 years. The Camarro Group is designed to scale (and growing) and is open to select and strategic investment in two forms:

The Camarro Capital MURP (Fund) Major Investment Partnerships:

Camarro Capital MURP

Launched in 2019, Camarro Capital’s Mixed Use Residential Portfolio (MURP) allows sophisticated investors the opportunity to participate in not just our investments but in our unique investment strategy. Camarro Capital’s MURP is focused on proactive investment in the most fertile core-adjacent or formally ‘distant’ real estate markets for which transit infrastructure and service level improvements make them newly viable places to live and work. These mobility and urban evolutions will dramatically influence short and long-term value and price growth across mixed-used and residential developments.

While the Camarro Group’s development division (Camarro Developments Inc.) will always maintain a significant minimum equity position as the General Partner, through the Camarro Capital MURP, sophisticated investors can choose to invest in varying amounts with a starting investment minimum of $500,000 Canadian Dollars across a varying set of term periods.

Major Investment Partnership (MIP)

The Camarro Group is entrepreneurial and designed to scale. We adhere to a conservative business model and approach to investing, that is rooted in bench-strength experience, rigorous planning and active management.

We are managed by a progressive top-tier team with proven real estate development and construction experience and a unique understanding of how to build, create and maximize long-term value. Through the synergy of our distinct but integrated Camarro Capital and Camarro Developments arms, we are able to not just identify unique development opportunities, but lead the activation construction of projects as a tightly managed business unit collective.

As we grow, we are open to selective strategic capital finance partnerships on either projects or the portfolio. Please click here to contact Kyle Camarro directly and receive information on Major Investment Partnerships.