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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Decades of industry expertise – on demand.

Owners’ Representation: Third party project management that puts your interests first

Leverage the Camarro Group’s industry expertise and ‘boots on the ground’ to represent your interests in development projects. As an Owner’s Representative, we act on your behalf as third party project managers working across the lifecycle of your development to ensure that overall delivery is achieved on time, at specification, and at or below budget. While each engagement is unique and suited to your specific project needs, our services are end-to-end spanning the entire process including site selection, bidding, design, entitlements, permitting, construction, project mitigation and dispute resolutions. Regardless of how and how much we are involved – we draw upon our collective decades of experience to make sure that your project goals are not just met but exceeded.

Real Estate Agency: Real solutions for real estate

As a fully integrated real estate development and capital company, the Camarro Group is able to provide a full set of services including residential and commercial real estate. We believe in being connected to not just across the entire development lifecycle, but throughout the real estate value chain. Large or small, the Camarro Group is able to act as a full service agent for real estate transactions on both the owner and buyer’s side. What this means for clients, whether corporate commercial or residential consumer, is access to a team and representative that truly understands changing markets and market dynamics that can help find and negotiate the best property transaction.

Private Lending: Mortgages that make sense

As a fully integrated real estate development and capital company, the Camarro Group is able to provide a full set of services including private mortgage lending for residential and investment properties. We go beyond the role of a typical mortgage broker who accesses a pool of traditional lenders by providing sources of private capital for purchase finance. What this means for buyers, whether corporate commercial or residential consumers, is more flexible lending solutions rooted in our unique connection to the overall real estate market.

Although this may sound simple, in the real estate market – perhaps more than in most – it is about much more than supply and demand. In this market, understanding price and price growth requires an understanding of relative supply and articulated demand. In this highly fluid market, one must understand how both factors (or the perception of each) can be dramatically influenced by outside factors like publicly funded infrastructure, mobility and urban development plans. These massive outside investments significantly shift both the perception of viable or relative demand (by changing decision sets) as well as the short and long-term value/price of supply through the anticipated ‘lifecycle’ of change and improvement. In theory, this sounds easy, but in practice it takes a nimble and efficient organization to capitalize upon future patterns – and do so ahead of the curve. Enter Camarro Capital.