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Market Dynamics

Market Dynamics

By definition, Market Dynamics are forces that will impact the prices and the behaviours of producers and consumers.

Although this may sound simple, in the real estate market – perhaps more than in most – it is about much more than supply and demand. In this market, understanding price and price growth requires an understanding of relative supply and articulated demand. And in this highly fluid market, one must understand how both factors (or the perception of each) can be dramatically influenced by outside factors like publicly funded infrastructure, mobility and urban development plans. These massive outside investments significantly shift both the perception of viable or relative demand (by changing decision sets) as well as the short and long-term value/price of supply through the anticipated ‘lifecycle’ of change and improvement. In theory, this sounds easy, but in practice it takes a nimble and efficient organization to capitalize upon future patterns – and do so ahead of the curve. Enter Camarro Capital.

At Camarro Capital, we invest with eyes on the market and ‘boots on the ground’ and have focused initial and planned acquisition to take advantage of this strategy with a forward-looking view on urban mobility and transit planning, that make ‘distant’ markets more viable to more people. We are not just diligent in research and connected with planning activities at all government levels, but work to understand market pressures in a way that allows us to anticipate new market fertility. In practice, this means investing proactively and then determining a strategy to sell, develop or hold in mixed us and or rental or condo formats.

View these resources to learn about Urban Mobility and Infrastructure Plans in the areas where we have invested…and are continuing to selectively invest.

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